Our Mission

Tanda Biotech’s mission is to enable large-scale, sustainable bioproduction through disruptive innovations in filtration technologies.

Current livestock and plastic production challenges the environment. Cultivated meats, precision fermentation, industrialized synthetic biology offer solutions but face many hurdles in scaling up.

We are working on the solutions

Our team of industry veterans pushes boundaries in tangential flow filtration to increase efficiency and lower costs. We create daring, out-of-the-box innovations grounded in first principles. With 80+ years of combined experience in new membrane and system development, we aim to accelerate biotech’s transition to cultivated meat and fermentation.

Our reusable, recyclable technologies will debottleneck production, conserve resources, and reduce humanity’s footprint. We are driven by the vision of a more sustainable future.

We push the boundary of Tangential flow filtration technologies and create Daring, out-of-box thinking, yet first-principles sound innovation to create disruptive approaches to debottlenecking these industries.